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Anthony Wigglesworth is an Irish artist living and working in Dublin. Since 2008 he has curated eight solo exhibitions at various prestigious locations including a number of exhibitions at Number 10 Ormond Quay and at The Helix, Dublin. He has also taken part in several group exhibitions and is a regular attender at selected Art Fairs.

Anthony’s work is inspired by music, nature, the sea and the surrounding landscapes of his environment. A key feature is defined by the attention to detail in each and every piece created. Working in oils and ink each new work can be seen as a form of mediation, or a delicate
balancing act between consonance and dissonance. His oil paintings are created by first laying down an under painting, to which layers of impasto paint are added using palette knives of varying sizes. He then uses oils, knives and pins to mix scrape and sculpt the thick layers of paint into the desired shapes, forms and colors that inhabit the work.