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Imelda Bradley is an award winning self-taught artist whose passion for art began at a young age.
Growing up in Cavan, surrounded by a wealth of natural inspiration, her work is an exploration of mythology mixed with personal symbolism. She paints in a variety of styles and mediums from wildlife to the cosmos, from realistic to abstract. The spiritual component of her work is concerned with the emotional, the sacred and the mystery. Through her paintings you get a sense of another world that underlies and infuses with our own. Also the connection between the past, the present and the future is depicted. She works with texture, oils, acrylics, pigments, inks and builds in layers to construct a sense of depth and to create light. Her work arouses emotions and feelings in the viewer

She has worked in Education full-time with children and adults and in recent years focused on her own personal art work. Her work is exhibited in private and public collections worldwide.